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In this video of phrasal verbs, we will be focusing on six new phrasal verbs from the book, Phrasal Verbs with Pictures: Shut down, Sign in / Log in, Sign off / Log off, Sign up, Sleep over, Sneak out

We will analyze their meanings, make some sentences, do some exercises and lastly, watch some movie scenes where these phrasal verbs are used. If you want to see all these phrasal verbs in their unique drawings and do many more of these exercises, you can always go ahead and buy the book by using the link above. The book is also offered as a mobile app, so you can have it wherever you are on Earth.

The answers of the exercises in the previous video: set off, settle down, display

Most of the information and examples in this video have been quoted from Collins’ website, which is my all-time favorite dictionary! www.collinsdictionary.com